Practical Professionals writing HR Policy and Procedure Manual
Training on
Practical Professionals Writing 
HR Policy and Procedure Manual
                   Date: 26-27 December 2015                            Venue: Intercontinental Hotel /TonlebasacII
 Time: 8:00am-17:00pm                                    Language: Khmer/English     

Why should you attend this training?
  • You need to deepen on basic principles of human resources policy and manual?
  • You need this policy manual is designed to provide accurate and timely information on policies relating to employees and their relationship with the companies or NGOs.
  • Sound employment policies provide the framework within which an organization governs its employee relations.
  • A policies and procedures manual guides both managers and employees as to what is expected and can prevent misunderstandings about employer policy.
  • It is true that written policies, like any record, can be used against an organization in a lawsuit. Poorly drafted policies often become the main evidence presented when employees allege that the policies were in fact a contract that the employer violated.
  • You need to practice on disciplinary action & dismissal or contract termination compliance with Cambodian labor law?
Course Objectives
  • Making clear the difference between a policy manual and an HR manual 
  • Discuss how to write policies and an HR manual 
  • Point out pitfall to avoid in writing an HR manual 
  • Knowing what contents do you include in your employee handbook? 
  • What is an human resources manual?
  • How do you know what to tell your employees?
  • Writing Policy Summaries
  • Assess and demonstrate the range of competencies required of a Human Resources professional.
  • Apply planning techniques in the Human Resources function.
  • Explain the purpose/usefulness of Human Resources policies and procedures.
  • Develop Human Resources policies and procedures.
  • Perform the basic task of writing Human Resources policies and procedures.

Course Contents
HRM Definitions and Objectives
Development of Human Resources Policies
  • Human Resources Management Defined
  • The Role of the HR Professional
  • Key HRM Activities
  • Designing the HR Organization Structure that Fits your Needs
  • Roles and Responsibilities in HR
  • Basic Guidelines for Developing Human Resources Policies
  • HR Policy Coverage
  • The Development Process
  • Policy Contents and Exclusions
  • Developing HR Policies – Practical Application
Development of Human Resources Procedures
Human Resources Management Systems
  • Main Considerations in Developing HR Procedures – Including the Development Process
  • The Development Process
  • Developing HR Procedures – Practical Application
  • The Uses and Design of Forms
  • Introduction and Briefing
  • More Efficient/Less People
  • The Various Applications
Basic Writing Tips – As Applied to the Design of Policies and Procedures
Human Resources Policies and Procedures: What Are They and Why We Have Them?
  • Ten Golden Writing Rules
  • Writing for Electronic Usage
  • Human Resources Policies
  • Human Resources Procedures
  • A Brief  Example of a Policy and a Procedure
Mr. Phat Thomas is a founder of LIFE. He has an MBA in the field of General management. He currently works for leading MFIs as VP and Administration Director. He has 15 years’ experiences with a microfinance institution, Pharmaceutical distributor as HR and administration Director, and NGOs in the field of human resources and administration management. He also attended many local and international practical training programs on staff management, effective performance management, leadership, communication, administration management, human resource management, and development of SMEs in the Mekong region in Japan and exposer training on practical HR management in Philippine. He has many years experiences on providing both Practical and Theory training to many universities levels, such as Human Resources Management, Office Management, Principle management, Strategy management, Entrepreneurship and time management and practical training to many companies and NGOs on Effective Practical Administration management, Effective Practical human resources management, Effective compensation and benefit management, Effective staff performance management, and Effective Training of trainer, and etc.

Who should attend the course?
The course is designed for directors, HR manager/Officer, all level of managers and who work related to managing human resources policies in order to compliance Cambodian labor law and working conditions more effectively within companies, MFIs,  Banks and NGOs.

What will be included with the training course?
  • Group photo of participants
  • Training materials
  • Certificates are awarded by LIFE
  • Two lunches and four refreshment 
Training Fee: US$198 per person (Exclude any Taxes). (Register ​​and Payment before December 19, 2015: Get 10%- discount for sending 1- 2 staff , Get 15%- discount for sending 3-5 staff, Get 1 Free for sending more than 5 staffs)

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