Position: Credit Monitoring Officer -- ABA Bank

Credit Monitoring Officer is responsible for overall work of credit monitoring; to check all completed disbursed loan file from both branches and credit operations Head office, analyst on the loan approval and disbursed by branch level and recommend to direct line manager/head for action taking against those branches failed. Credit Monitoring Officer will responsible for dealing with all related micro loan officers; to identify any missed/issue related to the approved/disbursed loan case from branch level and also closely coordinate with credit operations HO for any issue/error from the completed loan disbursed by them.


  • Head Office, Phnom Penh (02 Posts).

Duties and Responsibilities

  • To check and review all disbursed loans from both branch and credit operation unit in regarding the approved terms and conditions are correct and the check should be completed in next one day after disbursement.
  • Use the format of checking and reviewing disbursed loan to input all necessary information in a correct manner.
  • Ensure the checklist is filling properly into the client file when the checking and reviewing is completed.
  • To check and review in daily basis on Loan Utilization Monitoring and prepare a list for sending branch on action taken.
  • Track and follow up regular basis from those sent client list to obtain a confirm result from the loan utilization.
  • Obtain a confirmed letter/report to prove that the loan utilization is right or wrong, then input such confirmed status into database and keep a letter/report in client file.
  • During the transaction checking list to make sure approved loan terms and conditions based on committee resolution for those total loan exposure is above 500k the input data has to be tracked properly.
  • Check and review regularly of those accounts if it falls under noted condition a communication list should be prepared and send branch for action.
  • Update regularly to senior/manager if there is no response from concerned staff regarding those poor performed accounts.
  • Monthly or quarterly basis review and check the overdraft monthly turnover and average max unused overdraft.
  • If the noted condition is found not satisfied then a list of such client should be prepared and sent to branch for action taking.
  • Keep regularly chase and follow up with branch for the sent list of poor performed account and update result in timely manner.
  • Regularly check and monitor of insurance policy before or by expired date which need to be contacted respective loan officer for action taking.
  • Keep contacting and following up on those expired insurance policy and ensure it will be renewed in timely basis.
  • Coordination with legal department or branch in term of soft title collateral is requested to change or obtain a strong title.
  • Coordinate with branch to track on the change of soft title collateral and ensure the fresh legal agreement is completed.
  • Monthly basis to check and review Loan Customer Audit report to see if any client list which need to be conduct annual review and send reminder list to branch by a month in advance for action taken.
  • Coordinate with concerned stakeholder upon received a report of annual review from loan officer.

Skills and Requirement

  • Interpersonal and be able to deal with many different client or staff.
  • Knowledge of finance and banking.
  • Good of chasing and following up on pending job.
  • 2-3 years of database verification or input and management.
  • Good communication and be patience.
  • Good speaking, writing, reading both English and Khmer.
  • Be able to use Ms. Word, Excel, and Outlook.
  • Knowledge of good problem solving, convincing and negotiation.
  • Have a very good and unique of solution in term of convincing people to respond pending job.
  • Be able to deal and coordinate with all branch loan officers/supervisors.
  • Accuracy and timely manner.

How to apply

Interested and qualified applicants should submit your updated Cover Letter and CV stating the position applied for with your current photo (4x6) through recruitment@ababank.com.

Moreinfo: https://www.ababank.com/careers/credit-monitoring-officer

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