Position: University & Career Advisor - High School -- CIA FIRST

 The UC Advisor works primarily with grades 11 and 12. Support is provided to grades 11 and 12 students on an individual student advisory basis, while support of students in grades 9 and 10 will be providing frameworks of their academic futures to larger groups and classes. Their role will also be a role played with supporting all at-risk students in grades 9-12 in preparation of academic success for all students. This person will foundationally be responsible for ensuring that students are on track to graduate with their university application processes facilitated. The UC Advisor is also the secondary person in charge of external exams in the absence or unavailability of the External Exam and AP Coordinator (AP, SAT, IELTS, TOEFL, ACT, etc.). This involves coordinating schedules, classes, training for teachers, collecting and disseminating information and data. Additionally, he/she supports individual AP students in their college/university aspirations in coordination with the AP Coordinator. The UC Advisor works closely with all teachers, the Curriculum Coordinators, the Academic Team, and the High School Principal. Moreover, he/she works with parents, school staff and teachers to communicate the needs of children academically to ensure their preparation for university and/or career. The job holder holds a degree (and/or certification in education) with classroom teaching experience, but not expected to teach courses.

Starting: 16 Aug 2021  --   Apply By: 31 May 2021

Apply: https://iss-schrole.com/vacancy/02ce24fd-7ceb-41a1-87e5-4e1eeb6f09e8


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