Northern and Yorke Grassroots Grants program

 The sustainable management of our precious landscapes – soil, water, pest plants and animals, and biodiversity – is the responsibility of all South Australians.

By working together we can support our landscapes to thrive and build resilience to, and recover from, natural disasters like drought and bushfire. Among other benefits, it also helps to promote prosperous long-term businesses, thriving native species and ecosystems and resilient communities.

The South Australian Government has reformed how our landscapes are managed by putting community at the heart of sustainably managing their regions’ natural resources, with the support and expertise of local landscape boards.

Grants and funding
Financial assistance is often available to support landscape management activities across the Northern and Yorke region. This may be through community grants programs or through project-based incentives.

Northern and Yorke Grassroots Grants program
As part of the state government’s commitment to put community back at the heart of managing our state’s natural resources, a new $2 million Grassroots Grants program has been launched to help communities and landholders to play a significant role in sustainably managing their region’s precious landscapes.

How much funding is available?
The funding pool available in the Northern and Yorke region is $170,770, with minimum grants of $1,000.

What kind of projects are eligible?
The Northern and Yorke Landscape Board expects to fund a range of projects across the region that address its priority areas, including:

  • Pest Plant and Animal Control
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Water Management
  • Biodiversity
  • Communities

Examples of activities that help to achieve resource sustainability and environmental benefits at the local level include:

  • Revegetation work
  • Trialling sustainable farm practices
  • Pest control
  • Monitoring and biological assessment
  • Water efficiency initiatives
  • Raising community awareness and participation in landscape management activities

Who can apply?

Applicants need to be an individual, volunteer, community organisation or other body working at the local level. You must be a legal entity or sponsored by a legal entity.



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