ERBACHER Foundation

The ERBACHER Foundation supports project for development cooperation in the 3 focus countries: Tanzania, Uganda and India. Projects especially important to us are those promoting livestock husbandry, crop production, water supply, environmental protection and women empowerment in rural areas. We want to contribute in making life in rural areas worthwhile living again.

Our support is mainly financial. There is an increasing professional exchange between local project partners and experts from the companies mentioned. Both can learn from each other.

The ERBACHER Foundation cooperates with confessional as well as independent development partners. It also likes to support smaller projects that were started through personal dedication of people responsible for the respective project.

You can submit applications to the ERBACHER Foundation two times a year. The deadlines are the 1st of February and the 1st of August. 

Three months later, the Foundation Board decides on the support of the submitted project applications at the Board Meeting. Afterwards, all applicants will receive notice. 

List of Criteria
The funds of the ERBACHER Foundation are preferably distributed to the following projects:
(prerequisite is the conformity of the project with the purpose of the foundation)
  • Projects from congregations or small to medium-sized organizations and associations who run or support projects of development aid thanks to the belief and enthusiasm of members with expert knowledge.
  • Projects following the principle of “help for self-help”.
  • Projects personally familiar to the members of the Erbacher family or the decision-making body (trust is an important criterion).
  • Projects that appear worth supporting to us but cannot be supported by bigger relief organizations.
  • Projects that have transparent and clear financing plans.
  • Projects whose financing plans promises a good cost-benefit-ratio.
  • Projects whose financing does not solely depend on the ERBACHER Foundation but whose financing is also safeguarded
    through other investors as well as personal contributions (also non-monetary involvement of the local people).
  • Projects, whose consequential costs – in case they should result – are already considered ahead of time within the financing plan.
  • Projects that are completely or for the most part under responsibility and/or with cooperation of the local people. This needs to be the objective at least.
  • Projects benefitting an individual are only worthy of our foundation’s support in case of a transfer of knowledge (Purpose of the foundation 4c). A project should normally benefit a whole group of people. 
  • Projects with respect to science and research that contribute to rural development (student’s projects as well).

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