ISTAT Foundation

The Foundation supports humanitarian causes that use the power of aviation to help save lives, promote human welfare and alleviate suffering. Our focus is on restoring the basic necessities and improving the well-being of those in need as a result of global disasters and/or afflictions. In addition, the ISTAT Foundation collaborates with and supports non-governmental, not-for-profit organizations that provide air transportation for patients that have critical needs for medical treatment and cargo that is necessary to support humanitarian causes.
The committee is actively accepting proposals for the 2019 ISTAT Foundation Humanitarian Program. The committee welcomes qualified charities to submit applications for grants of up to $10,000 USD. 

The application must include the following:
  • Cover letter with the name, mailing address and website of the organization, key staff contact details, and the organization’s mission and activities
  • Amount of grant request (up to $10,000 USD) and its budget framework
  • Description of the organization’s grant request
  • Outline plans to recognize the ISTAT Foundation’s support
Completed applications shall be submitted as an email attachment to with the subject line: ISTAT Foundation Humanitarian Grant Application, {Organization Name}. It is encouraged to provide electronic attachments of the organization's brochures, news clippings or articles.

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