McLain Association for Children small grants

Recognizing that the most meaningful efforts often come from within the community, McLain Association for Children, Inc. has established a small grant program to identify those that are already out there doing good work and assist them to accomplish even more.  MAC Inc. offers small grants averaging approximately $7,500 each to nonprofit organizations operating within our three geographic target areas of the Caucasus, Tanzania, and the British Virgin Islands.  For more information, please contact us at


Applicants should be a nonprofit organization, should operate within one of our
geographic target areas, and should compellingly address one (or both) of our funding

  • Improve access to high quality education
  • Empower persons with disabilities and their families
Grants may not be used to fund the following activities:
  • Carrying out of propaganda;
  • Influencing any legislation or the outcome of any public election;
  • Implementing, directly or indirectly, any sort of voter registration drive.

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