Free Training on Programming 102: Think Like a Computer Scientist

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Programming 102: Think Like a Computer Scientist
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Take your Python skills further in this online course, guided by the Raspberry Pi Foundation and supported by Google.

Find out what else you can do with Python

On this course, you’ll explore Python programming at an intermediate level.

You’ll discover how to break down problems into smaller parts, and then design and apply algorithms to data. You’ll also explore list structures and their various uses.

Ultimately, what you learn will build upon your foundational Python skills - preparing you to progress onto more advanced programming.

What topics will you cover?
  1. use functions with parameters and return values
  2. design and apply algorithms to data
  3. breaking down problems into smaller parts
  4. searching and sorting
  5. efficiency of algorithms
  6. understanding of list structures and their uses

What will you achieve?
  • Produce your own functions to break down problems into more manageable parts
  • Apply several common search and sort algorithms to data
  • Compare the efficiency of algorithms
  • Modify functions to take parameters and output return values
  • Interpret algorithms expressed in plain English, in pseudocde and as flowcharts

Who is the course for?
This course would suit teachers with some Python experience, who are able to write simple programs demonstrating sequencing, selection, iteration and data types.

Who will you learn with?
James Robinson, James is an experienced Computer Science teacher who runs the Raspberry Pi Foundation's teacher training Programme called Picademy. He still plays with LEGO and drinks lots of tea.

Laura Sach, Laura creates and maintains Raspberry Pi educational resources. Aside from computers, she loves cats, cakes, board games and making jam.

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