Community Child Care Fund (CCCF)

The new Child Care Package (the package) that commenced in July 2018 is designed to make the child care system more affordable, more accessible, more flexible and targeted to those who need it most. The package contains two key components - the Child Care Subsidy and the Child Care Safety Net. 

The objective of the Support for the Child Care System program is to:
  • help families participate in social economic life of the community by promoting and supporting quality and affordable child care; and
  • assist services to improve access and inclusion for vulnerable or disadvantaged children and families, including children with disabilities and their families.
The Child Care Safety Net contributes to the Support for the Child Care System program, in which the CCCF is one of three activities announced under the package. 

The CCCF aims to support child care services to address barriers to child care participation, particularly targeting disadvantaged and vulnerable families and communities.

The overall outcomes of the CCCF are to:
  • improve early childhood development outcomes for vulnerable and disadvantaged children
  • increase workforce participation by vulnerable and disadvantaged families.
Grants provided under the CCCF are intended to supplement fee income received from families, including Child Care Subsidy and Additional Child Care Subsidy payments.

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