CEDIL call for proposals

CEDIL is a new international research centre, established to innovate and improve methods to undertake and maximise the value of impact evaluations and evidence synthesis in international development. The centre consists of two parts.

The Centre of Excellence for Development Impact and Learning (CEDIL) is pleased to announce a call for proposals for research projects to contribute to the Centre’s strategic agenda on impact evaluation and evidence synthesis.

Commissioning themes and project types

CEDIL will commission projects under three thematic programmes of work (PoW), which reflect our current priorities for innovation in impact evaluation and evidence synthesis for international development. These are:
  1. Evaluating complex interventions
  2. Generalising evidence through middle range theory
  3. Enhancing the use and usefulness of evaluation findings

The three call specification documents (links below) set out the requirements and objectives of each programme of work.

Within each of these programmes, CEDIL aims to deliver a range of short- and longer-term knowledge outputs that will advance the field and generate useful products and tools for policy makers, implementing agencies and evaluation practitioners. We are therefore commissioning four types of projects to deliver results throughout the lifetime of the Centre.

Moreinfo: https://cedilprogramme.org/funding-opportunities
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