Free Training on Digital Media Analytics: Paid Media

Free Online course
Digital Media Analytics: Paid Media
20 May 2019

On this course you will learn how to look closely at how your social media ad campaigns perform, how they can be improved, and expanded. You will consider how social media campaigns affect your website and learn more about the various ways your website can be used to capture social media buzz if content is properly tagged and tracked. You will also discover the richness and depth of the data provided by Google tracking and how you can enable your site to track data through Google Analytics.

What topics will you cover?
  1. Introduction to Paid media
  2. How can a business benefit from using Paid media
  3. Social media advertising and returns on investment
  4. Google Adwords
  5. Facebook Ads
  6. Twitter Ads
  7. Youtube Ads
  8. Using keywords
  9. Differences between campaign, ad set, and ad

What will you achieve?
  • Design and deploy a social media ad
  • Assess the effectiveness of a social media ad
  • Summarise how to strategically plan a social media advertising campaign

Who is the course for?
This course is for professionals looking to advance their careers and learn more about social media and digital media analytics.

Who developed the course?
Purdue University, One of the four best public universities in the US, Purdue delivers an engaging learning experience and a world-class degree.
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