innocent foundation

We are a charity registered in England & Wales - our charity number is 1104289. Our board is made up of six trustees who are responsible for making sure the foundation is well run and doing what it was set up to do.

The innocent foundation finds and funds visionary people and organisations who are tackling hunger in simple, smart and sometimes radical ways. We make grants all over the world to achieve two goals: 

goal 1: stop children dying from hunger
We’re there when children need us most, finding and treating kids whose lives are in immediate danger because of severe hunger. The most serious form of hunger, acute malnutrition, results in millions of preventable child deaths each year. More than 70% of children treated are cured, but only 1 in 5 children affected are able to access the treatment they need. It does not have to be this way.
Our first research project with Action Against Hunger in Mali proved that you can massively increase the number of children getting the treatment they need if you make it easy for parents to access care in their own communities. As a result, the government of Mali changed their national treatment policy. Now we’re looking for more cutting edge research projects with the same potential to stop children dying. Co-ordinated global action is the most effective way to do this, so we belong to the No Wasted Lives coalition which is accelerating the child survival revolution by working towards doubling the proportion of children globally receiving treatment for severe acute malnutrition by 2020.

goal 2: help the poorest families feed themselves
One in nine people in the world are hungry today, but it doesn’t have to be this way. We help the very poorest families grow enough to food and earn an income so they can support themselves. We've done this since the earliest days of the foundation and have funded 70 food security projects globally. In that time, we’ve seen climate change making bad situations worse, so it’s even more vital that we find long-term solutions to help the world’s poorest families adapt to face those challenges and feed themselves.

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