Arts Council Malta - Professional Development Grant

The Professional Development Grant is a new grant launched by Arts Council Malta as outlined in its Create2020 Strategy, with a particular focus on nurturing creative potential and supporting its development into professional activity. The grant programme forms part of the National Fund for Artistic Excellence 

The Professional Development Grant supports the continuous professional development of Maltese or Malta-based artists and cultural operators who are active in the cultural and creative sectors and seeking to engage in short term professional training to improve their skills and advance their specialisation. The programme is also open to students engaged in the cultural and creative sectors, as long as the proposed training programme is not related to the full-time studies.

The programme reflects the drive towards further professionalisation of the sectors and the promotion of an entrepreneurial culture among creative professionals. It provides opportunities that can strengthen the knowledge base and strategies of cultural and creative enterprises. By investing in processes designed to improve the quality that is needed to generate artistic work of excellence, our goal is to support the development of a sustainable creative ecology, providing value added and job opportunities in the sector. 

The Objectives of this new grant are:
  • To support the continuous professional development of artists and cultural operators in exploring, developing skills, building networks and engaging in national and international collaborations.
  • To foster excellence in the fields of art and culture, and the advancement of knowledge and capabilities in such related fields.
  • To invest in training and increase opportunities for artists and creative professionals.
  • To encourage professional intellectual growth and productivity
  • To encourage creative professionals to continue building their skill sets and to engage in platforms both on a national and international level.
The Grant will support 100% of the costs to implement the project. The Grant may cover the following activities that may take place in Malta and/or in other countries: Stand-alone and short courses (which are not part of a diploma or module), mentoring programme, job shadowing, apprenticeships, masterclasses, work placements, internships, train the trainer programmes and courses in cultural leadership and cultural management.
Applications are accepted from creative professionals engaged economically, full-time or part-time equivalent, in one of the cultural and creative sectors. Applications may also be submitted by groups and students as identified in the definitions of this scheme.
Outstanding young artists eligible to benefit from this grant scheme, must be at least 14 years of age and already engaged in training in the same field they are applying for. Such training must be considered as additional specialization.
Criteria of the Professional Development Grant are:
  • The level of opportunity for professional development in terms of skills improvement and advancement in specialisation;
  • The value of the learning platform and of the training opportunity;
  • The national or international engagement, including the benefit of the wider arts and creative community;
  • The  professional and financial management of the project.

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