Free Training on Leaders: Their Role and Impact on Business

Free Online course
Leaders: Their Role and Impact on Business
21 January 2019

Examine different leadership theories and the key traits of a leader. Analyse the impact leaders have on an organisation.

Understand what makes a leader and the effects of leadership on a workplace
Defining leadership can be difficult. Leadership is a multidimensional construct that many theorists have dedicated their time to defining.

On this course, you will explore some of these theories - learning what leadership is and how good and bad leadership can affect a business and its employees. You will consider different leadership models to help clarify the universal components of leadership and how these components differ to management.

What topics will you cover?
  • Definition of leadership
  • Understanding of the ambiguity in its definition
  • Trait, behavioural, and contingency/situational models of leadership (e.g. Blake and Moulton 1964)
  • Differentiate the roles and effects of managers versus leaders
  • Introduce the effect of leaders on individual and organisational performance
  • Good versus bad leadership’s similarities and differences
What will you achieve?
  • Describe the definition of leadership and identify its components
  • Assess trait, behavioural and contingency/situational leadership theories
  • Explain how leaders are recognised and how they differ from managers
  • Identify bad vs good leaders and measure similarities and differences
  • Apply the concept of a 'good' leader to a workplace setting
Who is the course for?
This course is for people looking for an enhanced understanding of leadership, its role and effects.

Who will you learn with?
Anne Turner, AFHEA, MBPsS, BSc (Hons) MHFA
Lecturer in Occupational and Business Psychology at Coventry University.
Doctoral Researcher with specific interest in Enclothed Behaviour in the workplace.

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