Free Training on Global Marketing: A Definition

Free Online course
Global Marketing: A Definition
21 January 2019

Get an introduction to global marketing, and explore how globalisation has caused organisations to change their marketing focus.

Understand the benefits of global marketing to businesses
Rapid globalisation and the advance of technology has created ‘born global’ organisations. From the moment businesses are established, they realise the importance of adopting a global focus and dedicate time and resources to expanding internationally.

On this course, you will gain a clearer understanding of global marketing as well as the challenges and benefits for firms entering new markets. You will examine the need for organisations to go global and how digital marketing technologies have accelerated this process. You will also reflect on your own experiences of global marketing.

What topics will you cover?
The importance of global marketing
Motivations to go global
The EPRG framework
The born global concept

What will you achieve?
  • Explain the concept of global marketing including the EPRG framework
    Identify examples of organisations to apply to each element of the EPRG framework
    Reflect upon your own experiences of global marketing
    Evaluate the relevance of EPRG in light of the born global phenomena
Who is the course for?
This course is for anyone looking to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their global marketing. You might be looking for an introduction to global marketing, or an established global marketer looking to refresh your knowledge.

Who will you learn with?
Edward Turner, My teaching and research interests lay in the areas of marketing strategy and global marketing. My current research investigates the relationship between private equity and the marketing function.

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