Free Training on Consumer Behaviour and Psychology

Free Online course
Consumer Behaviour and Psychology
21 January 2019

Learn about the origins of consumer psychology and examine how consumer behaviour can be influenced by a range of factors.

Understand how consumer psychology affects the lives of customers and companies

Have you ever wondered why you buy one brand of cereal over another? Or why you might react to different types of advertising? Your decisions are motivated by a number of factors. The study of these factors is called consumer psychology.

On this course you will explore what consumer psychology means and how it’s related to the rise of a consumer society. You will be introduced to basic marketing concepts and you will understand how these concepts affect the relationship between customers and the companies. And you will reflect on how consumer psychology impacts the decisions you make everyday.

What topics will you cover?
  • What is consumer psychology?
  • Consumer psychology and the consumer society
  • Consumer-oriented marketing
  • Consumer choice and decision making
Who is the course for?
This course is for people seeking a better understanding of consumer psychology and how it affects the decision-making process of both individuals and companies.

Who will you learn with?
Andre Soares, PhD, MSc, BSc, FHEA, CPsychol – Senior lecturer in Business and Organisational Psychology and course director for MSc Business and Organisational Psychology at Coventry University
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