Tree Research and Education Endowment Fund (TREE Fund)

TREE Fund has awarded over $4.3 million in grants since 2002 to empower tree care professionals, their customers, and the communities in which they live and work. All 2019-2020 active research grant programs are listed below. Before applying for any research grant, carefully read the guidelines provided in the “Read More” links below. Contact TREE Fund directly should you have questions or require additional information about these grant programs.

John Z. Duling Grant Program
Provides start up or seed funding to support innovative research and technology transfer projects.
Award amount: up to $25,000 (minimum $10,000)

Jack Kimmel International Grant Program
Provides funding for arboriculture research by applicants working primarily outside of the United States.
Award amount: up to $10,000 (minimum $5,000)

Safe Arborist Techniques Fund Grant Program
Supports original research that creates a safer work environment for people working in the tree care industry and the general public they serve.
Award amount: up to $15,000 (minimum $5,000)

Bob Skiera Memorial Fund Building Bridges Initiative Grant Program
Supports projects which will help arborists and urban foresters communicate the value of trees and urban forests on a global basis through technology transfer and engagement with developers, builders, civil engineers, city planners, elected officials and other policymakers.
Award amount: up to $30,000 (minimum $10,000)

Barborinas Family Fund Grant Program
Supports projects focused on tree planting and transplantation techniques, and the improvement of tree varieties for urban conditions, to include investigations into root and soil science.
Award amount: up to $10,000 (minimum $5,000)

Hyland R. Johns Grant Program
Supports research that directly affects the work of industry professionals.
Award amount: up to $25,000 (minimum $10,000)

Utility Arborist Research Fund Grant Program
Supports work with real importance and benefit to utility tree care professionals.
Award amount: up to $50,000 (minimum $10,000)

Sponsored Grant Programs
Organizations or individuals may directly fund research projects that are administered by TREE Fund, which will charge a 7.5% service fee to be paid by the sponsor(s). These projects must be compatible with TREE Fund’s mission, must be designed and documented with rigorous scientific protocols, and must not serve to promote proprietary products or services. The sponsor(s) may request an open, competitive award process, or may direct their grant award to a specific, qualified researcher. Full funding (including the administrative fee) for sponsored grants must be provided to TREE Fund prior to solicitation of any proposals or award of any contracts. Should a Sponsored Grant become available for application in 2019, a specific grant description will be added to the list above. 

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