Explosive hazards Risk Awareness in Syria

Established in 1997, the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) leads, coordinates and implements projects and programmes to mitigate the threat posed by explosive hazards to the benefit of millions of people world-wide. UNMAS provides Member States, the United Nations system and its leadership, as well as the mine sector at large, with authoritative, impartial expertise and experience acquired through its humanitarian, development, peace operations and peacebuilding assistance to affected countries, as well as through its participation in, and contributions to, treaty-related and diplomatic processes.

In July 2018, UNMAS signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Syrian Arab Republic to establish a presence in the country and to deliver humanitarian mine action activities, as prioritized in the Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP). After years of crisis, Syria faces extensive explosive hazard contamination, varying from a wide range of devices, such as improvised explosive devices and abandoned or unexploded devices. It is estimated that millions of people are at risk of exposure to explosive hazard contamination in their communities. Mine action is a humanitarian imperative to enable safe and timely humanitarian interventions and recovery efforts, in addition to ensuring the protection of civilians and the longer-term support to people with disabilities, including survivors of explosive hazards incidents. The need for explosive hazard risk education, survey and removal, as well as victim assistance are highly prioritized in the HRP 2018.

While the needs are dire, UNMAS in Syria has started positive engagement toward the development of humanitarian mine action activities in the country.

Objectives of the Grant
The objective of this grant is to reduce the impact of explosive hazard  contamination on Syrian population through the delivery of risk education activities, aiming at informing at-risk populations of safer behaviours.

Specific activities to be funded
This project aims to reduce the risk and impact of explosive hazards through the delivery of risk education sessions to affected communities, with the deployment of a minimum of 5 mobile teams in Rif Damascus Governorate, followed by deployments in the southern Governorates of Syria (Dara, Quneitra and As Sweida). A minimum of 72,000 women, men, boys and girl potentially at risk should be reached during the time period of this grant.

Minimum requirements/qualifications:
Organizations must:

  • Have an adequate existing management, financial, administrative and technical structure and available capacity to conduct the proposed activities.
  • Be able to identify and select Risk Education Facilitators, civilian and among youth demographics, to form gender-balanced risk education teams.  These facilitators must be trained and certified by UNMAS Syria to conduct risk education in explosive hazard affected communities; and they should, at the least, have a high school education and be motivated to serve their communities. 
  • Be able to deploy and manage risk education teams to affected communities in Rural Damascus, Dar’a, Quneitra and As-Sweida governorates to conduct risk education activities for at least six months of operations, excluding the time required for training, preparations, mobilizations, and demobilizations.
  • Be able to manage the day to day deployment of mobile teams, including the required reporting for the project.
  • Have a security plan in place to mitigate safety and security risks posed to the deployment of staff in the field.
  • Be able to reach with direct risk education sessions a minimum of 72,000 direct beneficiaries during six months of field deployment (a minimum of two sessions per day per team).
  • Have a management team already set up in Damascus City, in order to engage in direct grant management liaison with UNMAS Syria and other coordination as necessary.

Moreinfo: https://www.ungm.org/Public/Notice/82420
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