Eurasia Programme

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and SIU signed an agreement for a new period of the Eurasia Programme for the period 2015-2020. In October 2017 the period was extended to June 2021, and the total budget frame was increased from NOK 120 million to NOK 165 million.

The programme supports collaboration projects with higher education institutions in Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

The overall aim of the Eurasia Programme is to contribute to renewal and internationalisation of higher education in the cooperating countries. This is to be achieved through:
  • development of strong and lasting institutional partnerships through academic collaboration between higher education institutions in Norway and the cooperating countries;
  • regional collaboration between higher education institutions in the cooperating countries;
  • development and implementation of courses, study programmes and degrees that are considered relevant to the needs in the cooperating countries, inter alia, for the labour market;
  • more research-based and internationally oriented education at the institutions in the cooperating countries, promoting a high level of student activity;
  • improved links between higher education and the public and private sectors in the cooperating countries;
  • improvements in university management, including implementation of reforms related to the Bologna process;
  • more awareness, interest and knowledge about the cooperating countries at Norwegian institutions of higher education;
  • increased mobility of students and staff between the cooperating countries and Norway.

Programme Board
The Eurasia Programme is governed by a Programme Board. Four members represent the higher education sector and are appointed by the SIU board after recommendation by the institutions in consultancy with the Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions. The fifth member is appointed by the Norwegian Student Association, NSO.

The Board’s main tasks are to assess applications and allocate funds, assess annual project reports and eventually make adjustments to planned disbursements, ensure that the programme is conducted in accordance with its mandate and advise on further development.

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