Disaster Management Studies Course

The ideal grantee will be a U.S. university that currently offers a recognized disaster-management studies program. Preferably, the institution would have experience developing similar programs at other institutions.  To facilitate this partnership, it is envisioned that in consultation with the U.S. Consulate General Mumbai the U.S. grantee would sign a memorandum of understanding with a recognized Indian university for a one-year period of consultation for program development.  The U.S. entity would send one or two of its subject-matter experts for short-term consultation visits to the Indian partner university.  During the course of the project, the grantee would work with the Indian partner on items to include, but not be limited to, curriculum development, sources of research data, procuring visiting lecturers and faculty, and collaborating with government and other stakeholders, and other ways to design and implement a course that best prepare India’s future disaster managers.  The resulting programs(s) will be designed to attract as students representatives of government, business, and civil society who work in disaster management and mitigation as well as students studying this topic.  The U.S. entity will also explore the possibility of a long-term academic collaboration with the host institution in order to ensure a continual exchange of information and expertise in this field in the coming years.   

The U.S. Consulate General, Public Affairs Section in Mumbai is soliciting proposals for a cooperative agreement that meets the specifications stated in Section II from legally-recognized non-profit, non-governmental organizations that meet U.S. and Indian technical and legal requirements to develop and implement public diplomacy programs as specified by Section II below. Information about the Public Affairs Section can be found at: https://in.usembassy.gov/.

Background: With 1.3 billion people and a vast geography prone to draughts, floods, cyclones, and earthquakes, India faces considerable disaster-mitigation and disaster management challenges.  While natural calamities cannot be averted, the human, economic, environmental, and social costs of disasters can be mitigated through research, robust emergency preparedness, and strategic action plans.  In 2005, India instituted a National Disaster Management Authority that formulated disaster-management policy, plans, and training for government disaster managers.  However, India could benefit from greater numbers of well-trained disaster management experts.  Expanded university-level education and research on this topic would be key.  This is especially so in population centers such as the “maximum city” of Mumbai, which has only one university that offers disaster-management programs at postgraduate and research levels.  This grant can help address this capacity gap by facilitating an experienced U.S. higher-education institution partnering with an Indian counterpart to develop and offer a new disaster-management program or to improve the design and curriculum of an existing program.

Program Goals:  The goals of this funding opportunity are to:  Strengthen people-to-people ties between the United States and India by improving India’s capacity to effectively address future disasters. 

  • Developing and/or improving a study course in disaster management and mitigation at the post graduate and research levels through forming a partnerships between a U.S. university with a recognized disaster-management studies program with a recognized Indian university.
  • Improve education and research on effective disaster management in India through collaboration, curriculum development, and joint research.
  • Improve India’s resilience and further build its capacity to address future disasters by attracting students who work in this field to this program.

Moreinfo: https://www.grants.gov/web/grants/view-opportunity.html?oppId=311477
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