Free Training on Management and Leadership: Leading a Team

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Management and Leadership: Leading a Team
30 Mar 2020

This course is all about what’s core to leading and managing in organisations. Understanding who is important to an organisation – and that’s everybody who has a stake in it in some way – is a really good starting point. Building relationships with interested groups and people is time well spent. So too is time spent on planning. As someone once said ‘To fail to plan is to plan to fail’. If there’s no plan, how do organisations get people on board? If there’s no plan, what’s the difference between success and failure? How do you know when things are going off track? Or going well?

Plans are one thing. The people who can make the plans a reality are those with the right knowledge, skills and experience. Without the right person, performing as well as they can in the right job, plans don’t get off the ground. So building, supporting, growing and developing a team is much of what leading and managing is all about. And sometimes that’s about tackling poor performance, which can be uncomfortable.

Develop a business plan and build an effective team

This four-week course will guide you through the some key aspects of leadership and management. You will:
  • Find out about stakeholders – the people and groups who have an interest in an organisation – and how to analyse them, communicate with them and build effective relationships with them.
  • Examine what is involved in making plans and implementing them at different levels in organisations.
  • Explore what makes for best practice in recruiting and selecting the right people for a team.
  • Look at how good induction can help to settle a new employee in so that they can perform well and enjoy their new role.
  • Find out how understanding what motivates people at work and managing performance can support individuals, teams and organisations as a whole.
At the end of the course you will have gained an insight into leadership and management and how you can develop the skills and knowledge to make you more effective in leading and managing in your organisation.

What topics will you cover?
Week 1 - It’s all about your stakeholders
  • Review of stakeholders’ needs
  • Stakeholders and change
  • Influencing and communicating
Week 2 - Planning your business case for change
  • What makes an effective business plan?
  • Making your case for change
  • Getting support for your change
Week 3 - Building your team
  • Preparing for recruitment
  • The process of selection
  • Shortlisting and interviewing
Week 4 - Managing your team
  • Induction and socialisation
  • Managing individual performance and team welfare
  • Engaging and motivating your team
What will you achieve?
Develop a business plan which meets stakeholder needs, including resources required
Explain what is essential in producing a good business plan
Identify what is involved in recruiting and building an effective team including team welfare
Discuss approaches to managing poor performance and supporting performance improvement
Develop and draw up an action plan to support their own personal development

Who is the course for?
The course is designed for new or aspiring managers, or experienced managers with few or no formal qualifications. It will enable you to demonstrate your continuous professional development and go on to achieve a CMI Level 5 Award.

Who will you learn with?
Angela Lilley, I work for the OU Business School as Open Media Fellow. I am carrying out Doctoral research in Business Skills online. I am also an Associate Lecturer and I have an MBA and Masters in Online Learning.
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