Free Training on Managing People: Understanding Your Organisational Culture

Free Online course
Managing People: Understanding Your Organisational Culture
6 January 2020

Through this course you will learn about organisational culture by examining its theoretical background and real-world implications.

You will consider the effect of organisational culture on decision-making, social relations and managing people particularly in multicultural organisational contexts. You will evaluate assumptions about the topic through reflective exercises and deepen your understanding as your share your experience with other learners. You will also reflect on your own experience of organisational culture and how your learning can be applied to your own management practice.

What topics will you cover?
Week 1
  • Introduction to organisational culture
  • Culture in business organisations and implications for managing people
  • Key theories and typologies of organisational culture
Week 2
  • Organisational culture in the recruitment process
  • The relationship between motivation and organisational culture
  • Motivation and organisational culture
Week 3
  • How organisational change and organisational structure are relevant to our understanding of organisational culture
  • The relationship between leadership and organisational culture
What will you achieve?
  • Understand the concept of culture
  • Identify theoretical themes
  • Understand the range of theoretical tools for cultural analysis in organisations
  • Apply this understanding to management practice 
Who is the course for?
This course is for entry level managers with no formal management education. You don’t need any knowledge of management theory.

Who will you learn with?
Dr Bolade-Ogunfodun is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Henley Business School. She enjoys teaching and mentoring. Her research covers the nature and sources of meaning systems in diverse work contexts.
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