Free Training on Decision-making and Risk: An Introduction

Free Online course
Decision-making and Risk: An Introduction
16 September 2019

Explore big ideas about decision-making and risk and learn about the decision-making process, with this course for professionals.

Understand the decision-making process in a management context

How do we make decisions? How does our understanding of risk affect our decisions? Get answers to these questions and more, with this short course that explores big ideas about decision-making and risk.

You will learn about the definition of risk and look at some of the barriers that hinder effective decision-making in our professional and personal lives. You will also look at some techniques that could help overcome these barriers, and analyse Daniel Kahneman’s decision-making model.

What topics will you cover?
  1. The difference between risk and uncertainty: are our professional and personal decisions as good as we think they are?
  2. The nature of data and information
  3. The challenges facing data management
  4. Risk management
  5. Barriers to effective decision-making

What will you achieve?
  • Explore the nature of data and information
  • Explore the challenges facing data management
  • Explain the difference between risk and uncertainty
  • Explore and deal with barriers to effective decision-making

Who is the course for?
This course is for anyone looking to improve their knowledge of decision-making and risk within an organisation or business.
Please note that the individuals detailed in the ‘Who will you learn with?’ section below, are current staff members and may be subject to change.

Who will you learn with?
Nigel Walton, I am currently a Lecturer in Business Strategy at Coventry University and an Associate Lecturer in Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the Open University.

Vittorio Senso, I have a degree in Economics and Statistics from Bocconi University in Milano, and an MBA from New York University. I spent over 30 years in the automotive industry in international director positions
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