ACE Inspiring Excellence Scholarships Program for High School Graduates

ACE Inspiring Excellence Scholarships Program
for High School Graduates

Supported by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport and IDP Education

The ACE Part-Time Scholarship initiative is introduced both as part of the ACE Corporate Social Responsibility Program and to compliment the Royal Government of Cambodia’s policy to raise the quality of education in Cambodia via reform programs of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport.

Through the ACE Part-Time Scholarship initiative, 100 full scholarships for one year of study at ACE are provided to high-performing Cambodian high school graduates by equipping them with better English language proficiency to enable them to continue excelling in their studies at tertiary level in Cambodia. With an improved standard of English, these graduates will have a better chance of being selected for overseas scholarships in an English-speaking country.

Eligible Applicants:
  1. Cambodian high school graduates with Grade A and Grade B  graduating in 2017;
  2. Each scholarship will be for one year of part-time study which consists of four ACE academic terms (January to December 2018). The value of each scholarship is up to USD1, 000 (one thousand US dollars) to be supported by IDP Education.

The Selection Committee will assess and make selection based on a number of criteria in addition to applicants’ English language level. The Selection Committee reserves the right to exercise its discretion on priorities such as gender equity, those coming from provincial areas or disadvantaged backgrounds as well as the availability of classes at applicable levels at ACE.

Other Scholarship Benefits:
While studying at ACE, awardees will also be offered multiple opportunities to take part in a number of ACE activities / initiatives, including: Welcome Ceremony for Scholarship Awardees (with MoEYS), Graduation (for Scholarship Awardees with MoEYS), joining the Student Ambassador program, joining the Public Speaking and Debate club, attending Student Support Workshops, attending GILC Talks, attending IDP Study Abroad Info Sessions, being involved in the production of the I’mACE Student Magazine, and participating in IDP-ACE CSR campaigns and activities.

Key Dates:
1.    Application Period:             20 October - 30 November 2017
2.    Placement Testing:             8-14 December 2017
3.    Successful Awardees Announced:     22 December 2017
4.    Welcome Ceremony:             January 2018
5.    Class Start/End:             January - December 2018

How to apply
Apply online at:
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