The M·A·C AIDS Fund presents a series of profiles on individuals exhibiting commitment, compassion & courage. These often unsung heroes are shining examples of extraordinary people triumphing against all odds.

It was both a response to the fact that by 1985 a number of friends, predominantly gay men, had been infected and died, and recognition of the fundamental necessity for everyone to have a roof over their head. It’s a primal need to have someplace to sleep at night, rest when you’re ill and a stable place to raise your family.

Applying for International Affiliate Community Grants

Requests are accepted by invitation only. An organization may only apply for a grant once a year. Please note that it may take up to six months for the final status of your application to be determined.
Who is eligible to apply for a grant through the M·A·C AIDS Fund Affiliate Community Grants Program?

Organizations in countries where VIVA GLAM is sold that are recognized by the local government as charitable organizations, provide services to those affected by HIV/AIDS in that country, and have been in operation for at least 3 years. All applications must be submitted online and in English. Budget information must be submitted in U.S. Dollars.
What does the Affiliate Grants Program fund?

The Affiliate Grants Program supports non-profit organizations in countries where VIVA GLAM is sold. It provides grants to help underwrite direct services for individuals living with HIV/AIDS and that address the link between poverty and AIDS. Examples of services include, but are not limited to: food and nutrition, transportation assistance, prevention and education, treatment adherence, and housing. The aim is to help fund those direct services most needed in a particular community based on HIV/AIDS prevalence and the availability of other public or private funding sources. Priority will be given to proposals that have strong project evaluation and outcomes measurement components.
Grants range from $25,000 to $75,000 USD. The maximum grant amount for a first-time grant is $50,000 USD. Typically, our grant will not represent more than 20% of the budget of the program for which you are requesting support. The actual grant amount is based on many factors including general operating budget, the number of clients served, the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in your community, proven program effectiveness, the size of your program, available funding, and the likelihood of ongoing support for the program from other sources.

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