Training on Theory of Change

Training on Theory of Change
Date: 11 September, 2017, Time: 10:00-14:00, Course fee: Free

Theory of change is used to explain the logical reasons behind humanitarian and development interventions. This on line training is expected to explain what a theory of change is, why it is used, to what extent it is important in the humanitarian and development sectors, and how it is helpful in the projects evaluation.

  1. Definition of theory of change
  2. Components of theory of change
  3. Relations between theory of change and logframe
  4. The main steps to develop a theory of change
  5. Developing change pathways
  6. How to use theories of change to develop project and programme plans
  7. What to monitor and evaluate

The course format will include online training, PowerPoint presentation and q+a discussions

By the end of the course:
  • Participants will use the knowledge they have in their future project design
  • M&A participants consider theory of change when the monitor and evaluate projects

  • NGO staff who would like to develop a theory of change at the project level
  • NGO staff who would like to understand theory of change at the project level
  • M&E staff in NGOs

Trainer name: Youssef Almustafa is Co-founder of Trust Consultancy and Development and an M&E specialist. He has worked in many NGOs including GOAL, CARE, and Norwegian Refugee Council. Youssef has an MSc in Political Economy of Development from University of London, SOAS

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