Laerdal Foundation - Saving Lives at Birth in Low-Resource Settings

The Laerdal Foundation for Acute Medicine was established in 1980 to provide financial support to practically oriented Research and Development in acute medicine.  The last few years the an added focus has been given to projects relating to saving lives at birth in low-resource settings, based on the UN Sustainability Goal no 3 (Ensure Healthy Lives and Promote Well-being for All).

The Laerdal Foundation’s annual appropriations are expected to be NOK 30 mill in 2016-2020, of which approximately 50% will be used on projects in developing countries (mainly through program support), 20% will be used for program support with international collaboration in developed countries, 15% will be used on research projects and 15% for other purposes (such as Bjørn Lind fellowships and long-term commitments to support professorships etc).

he Board expects to fund up to 20 projects per year, with up to USD 50,000.- per award. Higher amounts than this may be awarded to regional initiatives, or particular educational or collaborative initiatives.

The regular application form should also be used for applications in the Saving Lives at Birth category. For more significant initiatives, applying for an amount beyond USD 50,000.- it may be practical to first submit a Concept Proposal to the Foundation. There is no particular form for this, but the proposal should be limited to a maximum of 6 pages.

In considering applications for projects in developing countries, the Board will be prioritizing projects that beyond a local impact have the potential to document long term practical value, and stimulate developments also in other regions/countries through publication of results in peer reviewed journals.
The Board is likely to focus on relatively few projects, and prefer projects that can leverage new initiatives with support also from other sources. Practical experience of the applicant(s) to deal with the special challenges typically found in developing countries, and a strong commitment for participation also from local partners, are other factors that will be considered.
Regular application deadlines are April 1 and October 1 each year. A reply with feedback and outcome should normally be expected within eight weeks from the application deadline. In particular cases, applications may be considered outside of these deadlines.

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