Green Alley Award

The Green Alley Award is Europe's first start-up competition focused on the circular economy.

In association with our core partners Landbell, Seedmatch, ERP Finland, Bethnal Green Ventures, H2 Compliance and R2PI, Green Alley is looking for great green ideas, new services, products and technologies that can turn waste into a resource. In return, we offer strategic support, networking opportunities and expertise in entering the circular economy across Europe.

The Green Alley Award is an annual European prize for start-ups and entrepreneurs in the circular economy, initiated in 2014 by a group of strong partners in Germany’s entrepreneurial eco-system. We are proud to be the first start-up award to recognise promising business ideas that contribute to building a circular economy and improving the waste and recycling industry as we know it today. Our aim is to find creative people with innovative ideas about how to turn waste into a sustainable business model. 

Who can participate?
Are you an eco-entrepreneur or green start-up based in Europe who wants to tackle the global waste challenge? You can apply for the Green Alley Award no matter what stage of development your business has reached, whether you are a founder with a rough idea or a small business just starting to grow, we are open to new concepts and look forward to your application. Even national boundaries are irrelevant: we are looking for start-ups from all around the world interested in entering the European market. There is only one must-have: Your business idea must be related to waste. Not sure if you fit in? Then check out our section “What’s it all about?”

If you have found
  • a product, service or technology to help avoid, reduce, reuse, recycle or transform waste, or to revolutionise the management of resources
  • a way of raising awareness of recycling and waste challenges

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