Audit Services Requirement -- Karuna Battambang

Audit Services Requirement

Karuna Battambang is a Catholic non-governmental organization (NGO) registered as a local organization with the Ministry of Interior of the Kingdom of Cambodia. 

The mission of Karuna Battambang is to help disabled citizens, children, youths, and vulnerable people who are suffering from social exclusion, lack of education, lack of nutrition and poor socioeconomic status.

The goals of the organization are:
  • Help to build and develop the educational, health, agricultural, economic and social sectors in order to support the families in need
  • Strengthen the balance between individual, society and culture-tradition
  • Strengthen good governance and engagement with social accountability and transparency in the society to contribute to the social development and poverty reduction in collaboration with the Royal Government of Cambodia and other stakeholders
Karuna Battambang implements in Kompong Chhnang the following project:

Project Title: Enhancing the Quality of life for People with Disabilities (Care and Promotion) Project

This project contributes to achieve the full integration of people with disabilities into society, with particular attention to people with intellectual disabilities. It promotes the creation of appropriate conditions for greater involvement of people with disabilities into social and economic activities of their families and communities in ways that accrue their self-esteem, their dignity and the respect they deserve.

Service requirements
Karuna Battambang requires an audit of the financial statements of the Project on a semester and year end basis for 2017, 2018 and 2019 in order to give an opinion as to whether the financial statements prepared by the management of the Project give a true and fair view, in all material respects, of the financial position of the Project.

The audit process has to include the review and verification of the Project’s financial statements and in particularly to provide an opinion as to whether:
  • proper books of account and records have been maintained;
  • all the projects expenditures are supported by vouchers and adequate documentation; and
  • all the expenditures have been incurred in accordance with the objectives outlined in the grant agreements.
Application requirements
Interested legally stablished institutions are invited to request the ToR for the Audit Services and present their proposals by email to
  • Closing date for ToR requests: 24th of May 2017
  • Closing date for proposal presentation: 2nd of June 2017
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