the Gender and Technology Institute in Asia

Tech-based violence and threats targeted against women activists, rights defenders and journalists is endemic to the internet today.

Through Tactical Tech's engagement with women and LGBTQ activists over the years, it has become clear that the hostile online environment results in intimidation and the censorship of women's voices. For many of these groups and individuals, using the internet is imperative to their work and activism, however it is almost always accompanied by online harassment, threats and surveillance from both state and non-state actors. 

 As a result the Gender and Technology Institute (GTI) was created to empower women activists and rights defenders in combating tech-based violence. 

The GTI aims to build participants' skills and knowledge in using digital technologies, to enable them to be informed users of technology and to build movement-based discussions around security and privacy from a gendered perspective.

The GTI is convened in different regions with local participants and facilitators who work together in sharing practical skills in digital security, data privacy and the use of digital technologies. It results in local, regional and global networks of support for participants who take their learning to their own networks through follow-up activities, trainings and other events. Tactical Tech has so far convened two GTIs, in Europe in December 2014, and in Latin America in 2016. GTI network members have since organised over 100 training and awareness raising events in different regions across the world. 

We are now convening a four day GTI in Asia that will be held at the end of April  in South or South East Asia (location TBD). The aim of this GTI is to:
  • Offer practical support and training to enable activists in movements to be confident and skilled in their use of technology for activism in the face of online harassment.
  • Contextualise and localise how digital technologies are implicated in gender and sexuality rights, and freedom of expression, along with online and offline participation, particularly for women and women identified people in South and South East Asia.
  • Widen the existing global GTI network to include communities, movements and individuals working in South and South East Asia.
  • Contribute local perspectives to Tactical Tech's ongoing documentation around what security and privacy mean from a gender perspective.
Who can apply?

Tactical Tech will support 25 women or women identified activists, Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRD), LGBTQ activists, staff members of women rights organizations, journalists, Freedom of Speech and Expression activists, Privacy advocates, technologists and artists who work on the intersection of Gender and Technology. Including lawyers and policy advocates who work on either gender or tech.

If you are a donor, or are a regional or international NGO, we encourage you to offer support for your partners or grantees to attend, thus increasing the number of places available.

We encourage applicants from South and South East Asia to apply.

Knowledge of technology is a plus, this is an event aimed at people who are already using forms of digital technologies in their activism at some level of confidence. It is intended for people who are already visible and have an online presence or an offline presence in their communities that is amplified online due to their impact. It will cater to those who want to expand on their knowledge and skills around digital security and privacy in addition to their existing use of technology. 
We will however not exclude people based on their level of knowledge in digital technologies and digital security and privacy.
Applicants must be willing to share the knowledge and skills gained during the GTI with their own communities, networks and/ or organization through activities and events going forward. 

Will you cover my travel and accommodation?
Yes, Tactical Tech will be covering the costs for a number of participants, however we also encourage funders and organizations to help support participants in attending the GTI. 

Can I bring my child?
Yes, Tactical Tech events support people with childcare responsibilities within the context of the space and facilities available on site. Please don't let your care responsibilities hold you back from applying.

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