Asia New Zealand Foundation - Business Grants

Asia New Zealand Foundation business grants support organisations leading projects that provide New Zealanders with opportunities to learn from the region’s business leaders, and build relationships in Asia. 

What types of events do business grants support?
In the past, the Asia New Zealand Foundation has supplied grants to support both networking events open to the general public and invitation-only events held for the benefit of select senior business audiences.
Grants are intended to cover costs associated with bringing speakers to New Zealand. Business grants can not be used to cover standard event managment costs such as administration, venue and equipment hire or catering costs. 
In the case of constituency-building events overseas, grants may be extended as a contribution to a pool of funds. 

What types of organisations can apply for grants?
Business grants are awarded to organisations that are able to deliver high-quality learning and networking opportunities. They are not intended to fund business development activities by commercial entities.

Eligible applicants include:

  • Asia-related business councils
  • public tertiary institutions
  • business events that create Asia-related learning and networking opportunities
  • business support organisations engaged in developing relationships with business counterparts in Asia that are of benefit to a wide range of industries in New Zealand.

Organisations not eligible to apply for grants include:

  • private-sector entities primarily engaged in for-profit commercial activities
  • individuals seeking to cover costs of travelling overseas to meetings, conferences or trade fairs
  • diplomatic missions or trade offices.

Grant value

Grant amounts range from $2,000 to $10,000. Typically, higher-value grants are awarded to organisations holding events offshore that involve audiences of around 100 or more.

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