Voice Grants

A Call for Proposals is an open invitation to apply for a grant from Voice. Grant applications cannot be accepted unless it is in response to a Call for Proposals. Calls for Proposals can be made on global multi-country level or on country level and are always for one of the four grant types. Calls for Proposals are always within the limits (duration and amount) of the grant type, but do not always have to cover the full possibilities of that grant type, meaning that exceptions can be made dependent on the needs of the programme, country or target group. Calls for Proposals can have a specific deadline or can be rolling, which means organisations can apply any time. Decisions on applications are made in accordance to the timeline outlined in the Call for Proposals. Within all calls for proposals eligibility criteria apply for which an eligibility test is available. Eligibility criteria can differ per Call for Proposals depending on country or context analyses.
This eligibility criteria only applies to the lead applicant. For the global Call for Proposals, the lead organisation must have an annual turnover of less than €2 million. For national calls for proposals this limit is different and always stated in the eligibility tests which are a requirement to take.

The lead applicant must not have an annual turnover exceeding €2 million for global Calls for Proposals or €500,000 for most national Calls for Proposals. This maximum is measured as a total for the organisation not per country programme or budget. This criterion does not apply to the co-applicants.

Voice has been designed to fund smaller organisations and therefore we have introduced a maximum turnover eligibility criteria restricting applications for organisations with a turnover over Euro 2 million. The income rule is to prevent dependence on Voice as well as give an indication of the financial absorption capacity.  One solution to allow for a bigger requested budget is to partner up with another organisation as you can join the budgets. Please note that the income restriction only applies to Influencing and Sudden Opportunity grants. For Innovate and Learn and Empowerment grants there is no income restriction.

This depends on the type of Call for Proposals. For multi-country calls an organisation based outside of Africa or Asia, may apply  but only as a co-applicant in a consortium with the lead organisation based in Africa and/or Asia that operates in one or more of the Voice focus countries. For national Calls for Proposals the organisation must be based in the country where the Call stems from.

For national Calls for Proposals, the lead applicant must be founded and registered in the country where the Call stems from. For multi-country Calls for Proposals the lead organisation must be founded and registered in a country in Africa and/or Asia as an independent not-for-profit civil society with an operational bank account in the applicant’s name.

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