Fund to End Violence Against Children

The Fund to End Violence Against Children supports activities to achieve the vision of the Global Partnership – A world in which every child grows up free from violence.

Specifically, the Fund provides financial support to programs and activities that further the Partnership’s goal of accelerating action in three priority areas:
  • Preventing “on-line” violence, with a particular focus on sexual exploitation.
  • Addressing violence in the every-day lives of children, with an initial focus on investments in Pathfinder countries and sub-national actors  to implement evidence based programming.
  • Addressing the prevention of violence against children facing conflict and crisis.
Although children have long been exposed to violence and exploitation, the internet and new technologies have changed the opportunity, scale, form and impact of the abuse of young people everywhere. Globally, children face new dangers that are often poorly understood by policymakers and the public, and online sexual exploitation and abuse is one of the most urgent of these emerging risks.

Supported by a challenge grant provided by the United Kingdom and in partnership with the WePROTECT Global Alliance to End Violence Against Children, the Fund is looking to fund organizations whose work seeks to achieve the intended impact of preventing violence against children online, with a particular focus on sexual exploitation. 

Potential examples of activities could include:
  • Putting in place the technical infrastructure and skills that will enable countries to better identify and rescue victims;
  • Building capacity of the child protective services to ensure that victims receive quality support services in accordance with international standards and practices;
  • Building capacity of law enforcement to tackle the crime of online child sexual exploitation nationally and internationally;
  • Putting in place mechanisms at country or regional level to report child sexual abuse material on the Internet and to ensure its removal;
  • Building capacity of children, families, teachers and other caregivers for them to be able to better identify and protect children from online risks; or
  • Developing evidence on trends, drivers and effective interventions for the development of effective policies and programs. 
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