EU - Promoting HEPA policy measures and actions for refugees

This call for proposals serves to implement the 2016 Annual Work Programme1 in accordance with the Commission Decision C(2016) 1848 of 31.03.20162 on the adoption of the 2016 annual work programme for the implementation of the pilot projects "Promoting health-enhancing physical activity across Europe", "Improving learning outcomes by supporting novice teachers, through online coaching and mentoring", and of the preparatory actions "New Narrative for Europe" and "EFFE –Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe".

The promotion of health-enhancing physical activity (HEPA) in EU and national policy making aims at addressing not only better health and well-being but also the alarming social and economic costs associated to physical inactivity. A respective process is in place and relevant structures have been set up at EU level, in cooperation with Member States (MS) and stakeholders, to encourage the development and implementation of more effective European and national policies and actions to make everybody move more and practice sport and physical activity.

In this context, two challenges have been identified:
  • Challenges with regard to certain categories of population which have no or only limited, access to the practice of sport and physical activity. Refugees clearly belong to this category.
  • Challenges with regard to the methods of monitoring physical activity in Europe and to the availability of comparable data in the EU-28.

Thus, this Pilot Project will have two pillars, one focusing on the promotion of HEPA policy measures and actions for refugees, and one about the promotion of evidence-based policies in the field of HEPA, complementary to the work already undertaken.

Specifically, the call refers to the first of the pillars: "Promoting HEPA policy measures and actions for refugees".

The massive arrival of refugees is one of the major challenges Europe is facing. Even if housing, food and education must be considered as first priorities, sport and physical activity can play an important role in the integration and well-being of refugees.

Promoting sport and physical activity among the refugees population would fill a gap in the EU efforts to ensure better access to sport and physical activity for all socially-excluded groups. Some pilot actions could test and identify best practices in the Member States in such specific situation and with such a specific public.
The general objective of the call is to promote health-enhancing physical activity in EU and national policy.

The specific objective is to promote broader access to the practice of sport and physical activities for refugees.

The call intends achieve several results, including:
  • Awareness-raising among refugees about the health and social benefits of practicing sport and physical activity;
  • Better well-being and integration of refugees in society through sport and physical activity;
  • Increased knowledge among refugees of European values through participation in sport and physical activity.
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