Community Resilience Fund

Public Safety Canada’s Community Resilience Fund (CRF) provides financial assistance to organizations undertaking programming and research to address radicalization to violence in Canada.  

Public Safety’s Canada Centre for Community Engagement and Prevention of Violence (CCCEPV) provides leadership, coordinates talent and expertise, mobilizes and supports community outreach and enhances research in the area. The CRF will be a key element of the CCCEPV to help enhance partnerships and innovation in CRV research and programming in Canada. 

To build domestic capacity at the local level and encourage research, the CRF has identified four key priority areas:
  • Intervention programming
  • Performance measurement and evaluation tools
  • Action-oriented research
  • Youth engagement and the development of alternative narratives

Eligible Applicants

Financial Assistance may be provided to the following classes of Recipients only if they have the legal capacity to enter into an agreement:
  • National, provincial, territorial, municipal, Aboriginal, community or professional organizations, societies and associations which have voluntarily associated themselves for a not-for-profit purpose, and which have the mandate to represent their membership or community;
  • Not-for-profit organizations including non-governmental organizations, non-profit corporations, community groups, umbrella organizations, and regulatory bodies and apprenticeship authorities, as well as associations serving the private sector;
  • A provincial or local police service, including an indigenous police service, and/or its governing authority (also known as a board or police commission);
  • Provincial, territorial, municipal, regional, and indigenous governments and their agencies;
  • Universities and educational institutions;
  • Individual researchers, acting in their personal capacity;
  • Research institutions, domestic or international, with established record in relevant field(s), pursuing a domestic focus;
  • International non-governmental organizations, including bodies associated/affiliated with organizations of which Canada is a member, which have their purpose supporting domestic public safety as a priority; and
  • For-profit institutions with a record of developing and delivering programming, and performing research or related activities relevant to the goals of the CCCEPV. These for-profit institutions may be eligible provided that the nature and the intent of the activity is non-commercial.
Federal institutions, including any department, branch, office, board, agency, commission, corporations, or other entity which received an annual appropriation from Parliament, are not eligible for funding under the Community Resilience Fund.

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