BioFISA II Programme Seed Projects Grants

Southern Africa Network for Biosciences
BioFISA II Programme Seed Projects
Call for Innovative Technologies

This is a two-phased call for funding of innovative technologies as part of the Seed Grant. In this call, only an Expression of Interest is submitted for evaluation. Thereafter, the selected applicants will be invited for training to refine their applications before submitting a full application. Seed Grants will assist innovators to advance technologies along the innovation value chain from proof of concept to technology demonstration.

NEPAD SANBio/BioFISA II Programme invites innovators from the 12 SADC countries) to submit an applications for grants to support innovative technologies in nutrition challenges faced by the region under this Seed Grant call. Seed projects have the following general guidelines:

-      Projects proposed should have at least proof of concept in place - this is a minimum requirement;
-      The projects must ensure the involvement of at least two countries in any of the countries that SANBio operates in;
-      The funding principle for projects will be as follows: 60% of the funding will come from BioFISA II and 20% cash and 20% costed in-kind contribution from the project implementation partner.

Applications for the Seed Project Grants should be innovations in the nutrition thematic areas and in line with the following focus areas:
  • Alternative sources of protein;
  • Post-Harvest Technologies - Novel food processing and preservation technologies that maintain the nutritional value of products;
  • Nutraceutical products from indigenous plants;
  • Food Safety tools, e.g. detection tools for aflatoxins.
The duration for Seed projects shall not exceed 18 months.
Up to Rand 1 million can be provided by the SANBio/BioFISA II programme per project.

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