UN Peacebuilding Fund

the Peacebuilding Fund announced a call for concept notes for two special initiatives: a new Youth Promotion Initiative and its third Gender Promotion Initiative.
The two calls marked the first time that the PBF opened its funding directly to NGOs.  Eligibility criteria outlined in the calls specified that NGOs must be registered and have an office within the country where the proposed interventions would be implemented.

While the Fund’s intention was to encourage proposals from NGOs that would have the capacity to begin implementation immediately upon the receipt of funds, subsequent messages to the Fund from NGOs themselves have indicated that this requirement may be too restrictive, since NGOs may have a range of well-founded strategic reasons for not establishing a full office in a given country.

In recognition and support of our NGO partners’ strategic choices, the Fund will relax this criterion within the calls and accept proposals from NGOs that are not officially registered or do not have an office in the country of proposed intervention.

On 26 May, the Peacebuilding Support Office has updated the calls for concept notes that reflect this change.  NGOs are still strongly encouraged, however, to clearly demonstrate their capacity on the ground and how they will work in partnership with local NGOs and CSOs to jointly achieve the aims of their proposed interventions.

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