Jacobs Science Writer Fellowship

Few issues are more urgent or complex than removing the roadblocks to a healthy and productive development of young people. To advance public understanding of this critical field of study and to make policy makers aware of highly relevant research, the Zurich-based Jacobs Foundation has created the Jacobs Science Writer Fellowship.

The 2016 Science Writer Fellowship will bring five science, society or health policy journalists from the US and UK to Zurich, Switzerland, to enhance their understanding of the work and research of the 2016 Klaus J. Jacobs Research Prize recipient, a leading international scholar in the field of child and youth development, and to connect these journalists with Swiss premier research institutions. The annual Fellowship, launched in 2015, covers Fellows’ travel and ground costs and includes a five-day program in Zurich from Tuesday, November 29, until Saturday, December 3, 2016. One day will be set aside for individual research and interviews. Fellows are invited to attend the Klaus J. Jacobs Research Prize ceremony at the University of Zurich

The Klaus J. Jacobs Research Prize rewards high quality scientific work relevant to the study of child and youth development. It is of great importance to the Jacobs Foundation that scientific findings from interdisciplinary research should be applied in practice and understood by the public. The Klaus J. Jacobs Research Prize is endowed with one million Swiss francs (about $1M USD).

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