Collaborative Regional Research Programme under the CRRP and CAPaBLE

APN is inviting applications from all member countries and approved countries under two separate programmes, the Collaborative Regional Research Programme for Global Change Research (CRRP) and the Capacity Development Programme (CAPaBLE), for funding starting from July 2017.

Areas of Interest

1. Research Agenda

APN fosters the understanding of global environmental change by conducting regional research through collaboration and capacity development. APN’s activities promote research that improves understanding of the physical, biological and human dimensions of change in the Earth system and advances science that informs decision-making regarding adaptation, mitigation and sustainable development in the following specific areas:
  • Climate Change and Climate Variability;
  • Biodiversity and Ecosystems;
  • Changes in the Atmospheric, Terrestrial and Marine Domains;
  • Resources Utilisation and Pathways for Sustainable Development; and
  • Risk Reduction and Resilience.
The above themes are interrelated and involve the interface of natural, social, behavioural, economic and political sciences. In the 4th Strategic Phase (2015-2020), APN will increasingly emphasise this interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach in addressing regional issues.  APN will also continue to support research on thematic issues, such as climate adaptation, low carbon approaches, and biodiversity and ecosystem services.

2. Capacity Development Agenda

In addition to supporting capacity development under its research agenda, APN also has a focus Capacity Development Agenda (CAPaBLE). The aim of the CAPaBLE programme is to enhance the capacities of scientists, policy makers and other relevant stakeholders in Asia and Pacific region to identify and assess global change issues at local, national and regional levels and further identify appropriate solutions to resolve the issues and achieve sustainability.  APN supports capacity development activities that enhance existing capacities of developing countries at three levels;
  • Individual-based capacity development
  • Group, organisation, network-based capacity development
  • Societies, governance, system level capacity development

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