TDR Postgraduate training grants

TDR supports 7 universities from low- and middle-income countries to provide PhD and Masters degrees focused on implementation research in malaria, TB and neglected tropical diseases to improve health in those regions. There are 3 universities in Africa, 2 in Asia, and 1 each in Latin America and the Middle Eastern region. Each university serves students from their region.
This support scheme began in 2015 to do the following:
  • Increase the numbers of scientists in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) trained in implementation research on infectious diseases of poverty
  • Support the development of implementation research as a field of study
  • Increase the capacity of universities in LMICs to provide this curriculum, manage training grant schemes and mentor students
  • Expand the reach of this type of education and training in a systematic process

How the scheme works

The scheme provides a full academic scholarship in collaboration with universities in LMICs to train MSc and PhD students. The training is specifically focussed on subjects or disciplines relevant to implementation research. Items covered by the scholarship include full time tuition and board, cost of dissertation research / field work, return air travel from home country to institution and contribution towards the purchase of essential textbooks / learning materials.
Candidates must apply to institutions in their respective regions (Africa, Asia, Latin America or Middle East) to be eligible for consideration.

How to Apply

Interested candidates must apply for admission into the postgraduate programme of one participating universities listed below using either the link provided below or on the university’s official website. Applications and admission enquiries should be sent directly to the institution, TDR will not receive or process applications or enquiries about admissions

Only candidates admitted into the university’s postgraduate degree programme will be considered for the scholarship.

Prospective candidates are advised to contact the institution directly for details of on eligibility and academic requirements for admission. The should also familiarise themselves with the field of implementation research / implementation science which is the focus of this scheme.

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