European Commission - Media Professionalism Programme

The European Commission developed the Guidelines to support media freedom and media integrity in enlargement countries in the period 2014-2020.  This strategic approach is supported by financial and technical assistance through the Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance that will address three overarching areas:
a)    the enabling environment for free expression and media;
b)    strengthening journalists and media professionals as the key drivers of the needed change;
c)    helping media outlets improve their internal governance, thus making them more resilient against external pressures and restoring audience’s confidence in them.

However there are concerns about deteriorating conditions for the full exercise of freedom of expression and growing trend of self-censorship which affect the development of professional and investigative journalism.

Media freedoms and professional journalism need to be strengthened and supported to help citizens to protect their rights to the freedom of expression and information. The media content in Montenegro has deteriorated in quality and there is a noticeable lack of media content that properly tackles common democratic principles such as transparency, good governance and the rule of law. The economic crisis in Montenegro has led to the reduction of the resources for established journalists and media. This further increased the pressure on professional journalism in the country, and has led to a lack of important stories. Montenegro's European Integration requires an informed public about all EU Integration matters alongside the chapters which are and will be negotiated. The strengthening of the code of ethics for the media is a prerequisite to better the overall quality of reporting and to inform citizens of their rights. Assistance to the business models of media companies is meant to strengthen their long-term sustainability

The global objective of this call for proposals is to improve conditions for quality journalism including modern/innovative approaches to increase quality and credibility of investigative journalism.
The specific objective(s) of this call for proposals is to support quality media production in the areas related to Montenegro's European Integration and to enable media to report fairly, freely and in a professional and ethical manner while the ability of Montenegro's journalists to use investigative techniques are meant to be further strengthened. At the same time the citizens are meant to be further educated about their rights in the context of the Code of Ethics to strengthen implementation while the economic models of media enterprises should be strengthened.

Size of grants
  • minimum amount: EUR 75,000
  • maximum amount: EUR 125,000

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