Practical Internal Audit and Internal Control System
Training on
Practical Internal Audit and Internal Control System
                   Date: 7-8 May 2016                              Venue: Intercontinental Hotel /TonlebasacII
 Time: 8:00am-17:00pm                                    Language: Khmer/English     

Internal auditing skill is a training course designed for managers, supervisors, and staff in all disciplines and at all levels in auditing. The program provides essential knowledge for a strong foundation in order to build and assess controls, and to reduce the risk of waste, fraud, and mismanagement. Poor or excessive internal controls reduce productivity, increase the complexity of everyday transactions, and add no value to the organization's activities.

Course Expectation
  • To provide and discuss on the challenges of current MFI related to control environment
  • To equip the participants with the required technical and application knowledge and skills of audit in order to them for effectively discharge their expected roles and duties;
  • To provide participants on technic to develop tools for audit assignment
  • To explain the main step of internal audit assignment for MFI
  • To provide a tip how to write good report with acceptable recommendation to management
      Course Contents
      I. Internal Control System
      • Structure of Internal Control and Risk Management
      II. Internal Audit Process
      • What is Business Process Auditing?
      • What is Internal Audit Process? (Develop Expectations, Understand the Auditee, Risk Assessment, Develop Audit Plan, Audit Execution, and Communicate Results)
      • What is Internal Audit Tools? (Definite Audit Program, Audit Work Sheets, Audit Guidelines, Audit Tools, Risk Assessment Tools, and Reporting Formats)
      III. Internal Audit Report
      • Who are the stakeholders of Internal Audit?
      • What is the format of Internal Audit Report?
      • DO or DONOT in Audit Report
      • What is the issue of Internal Audit Report?
      IV. Fraud Prevention
      • What is Fraud?
      • How to Prevention Fraud?
      • What type of Fraud?
      PHAT Reatana, Head of Risk Management -Amret Microfinance Institution. PHAT Reatana has been working with Amret Microfinance Institution since 1997, start as Internal Auditor. After two years, he was prompted as Head of Audit to set up the audit function in organization. In year 2009 with new challenges of financial industry related to many kinds of risk, Reatana is appointed as Head of risk management and compliance to responsible for set-up the risk management framework for institution. He is also appointed as Chairperson of Operational Risk Committee. A long with his responsibilities in organization, Reatana was selected as Chairperson BoD and CEO of Botta, Plc. “Staff Association”. Besides above mention function, Reatana has been spending his value time in the weekend to share experiences with BBA and MBA class’s student in University as lecturer on the course of Auditing, Risk Management, Financial Analysis, and Banking Management. Moreover, Reatana also was appointed as Chairperson of Audit Committee in CMA from 2006 to 2009 and as a lecturer in CMA on the Internal Control, Audit, Risk Management, and Fraud Prevention course to MFI and Banking employee. Reatana is graduated Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Master of Business Administration in Finance from Charles Sturt University, Australia.

      Who should attend the course?
      The course is designed for senior auditors, audit managers and officers internal auditors, accountants, finance officers, finance managers in order to set up the internal audit program and prepare for internal audit, annual audit, running internal auditing more effectively and who is working related to auditing in the companies, NGOs, MFIs and banks.

      What will be included with the training course?
      • Group photo of participants
      • Training materials
      • Certificates are awarded by LIFE
      • Two lunches and four refreshment 
      Training Fee: US$198 per person (Exclude any Taxes). (Register ​​and Payment before April 18: Get 5%- discount for sending 1- 2 staff , Get 10%- discount for sending 3-5 staff, Get 1 Free for sending more than 5 staffs)

      More information
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