CJCC Training on Entrepreneurship Course

18-26 Jun
19 Jun
Deadline: 30 Jun
Course start: 10 Oct


CJCC Training On
Entrepreneurship Course

(Batch 16th): 10 October 2016 - 27 February 2017

The advantages of starting own business as an ENTREPRENEUR include pride of their own bosses, a greater possibility of attaining significant financial rewards than working for someone else. An ENTREPRENEUR is a person who is looking for and creating the opportunity rather than just waiting for it.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP course is one of the business training courses offered by Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center since the start of its full operation in 2005. This course is mainly designed for those who intend to become entrepreneurs and are planning to start up a business. It is also beneficial for business owners who are currently engaged in family businesses that are lacking a systematic management and operation. It provides practical entrepreneurial knowledge, skills, and know-how necessary to devise a business idea and to formulate a strategic business plan. 

  • Gain better understanding and knowledge of goal setting and entrepreneurial empowerment that can help maximize personal success and leadership.
  • Understand the fundamental concepts of business innovation and important factors that can make contribution to a better preparation before deciding to start up a business and to a better management of existing businesses.
  • Obtain basic knowledge of finance, sales and marketing, and general operations of a business.
  • Understand and be able to identify and manage business-related risks.
  • Be able to formulate a practical business plan that can be implemented in real business.
  1. Meeting with real business owners, experienced local consultants and entrepreneurs are invited to share their business expertise and deliver lectures on diverse topics. 
  2. Networking with participants from different organizations and companies and this creates favorable conditions for participants to establish their network for future business partners.
  3. Team Building to help strengthen the relationship between participants.                    
  4. Company visit to gain more managerial knowledge and witness the real business atmosphere, visits to various kinds of company are arranged.
I. Why Become an Entrepreneur?

  • Life Plan
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Business Idea (Concept)
II. What Entrepreneurs Should Do? 

  • Innovative Business Creation
  • Sales and Marketing Plan
  • Risk Management
  • Cambodian Taxation
  • Cambodian Intellectual Property Rights
  • Business Registration Process in Cambodia
  • Financial Projection Plan
III. How Entrepreneurs Plan Their Businesses? 

  • Team Business Model Formulation
  • Team Business Model Consultation
  • Team Business Model Presentation
Course:       Entrepreneurship
Time:          18:00-20:00 (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)
Duration:      (Batch 16th): 10 Oct 2016 - 27 Feb 2017
Fee:            USD 400
The course is limited for only 40 participants. We open 2 course annually in April and October.

Online Registration at http://l.cjcc.edu.kh/1U6olyd
Want to know more? Please send your name and phone number to BTD@cjcc.edu.kh  to get 1 hour introduction session for free. 

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