GIS Training: Learning Basics of ArcGIS for Desktop 10

GIS Training
Learning Basics of ArcGIS for Desktop 10

A geographic information system (GIS) is defined as a system used to captures, stores, analyzes, manages, and presents data that are linked to location(s). In the simplest terms, GIS is the merging of cartography, statistical analysis, and database technology. GIS could be used in many disciplines including archaeology, geography, public utility management, natural resource management, precision agriculture, urban planning, emergency management, landscape architecture, navigation, real estate, public health, crime mapping, national defense, and sustainable development.
The main purpose of this training is to introduce students to the fundamental concepts of GIS and the major functionality contained in ArcGIS® Desktop 10 (one of the most popular software used for GIS-related tasks).
  • Introducing GIS  principles
  • Exploring a GIS map
  • Exploring GIS coordinate systems
  • Exploring GIS data formats
  • Creating and editing feature shapes and attributes
  • Introducing GIS analysis
  • Creating and designing a GIS map
  • Collecting GIS data with GPS-enabled devices

Mr. LA Veha will be the key trainer of this course. He has completed Master of Spatial Information Science from the University of Melbourne, Australia and had extensive work experiences as GIS Specialist for different projects. He has been the trainer of GIS courses conducted at the Royal University of Agriculture and LEAGIS Organization, including “Learning Basics of ArcGIS® Desktop 10”, “Learning Advanced ArcGIS® Desktop 10 Series: Geodatabase Development and Management”, “Spatial Analysis and Modeling with ArcGIS for Desktop 10”, “Creating Portable Maps for Windows and Mobile Devices”, and “Automatic Download of Googe Satellite Images and Maps for ArcGIS”.

  • Trainer: Mr. LA Veha
  • Venue: Phnom Penh (on Hanoi street near Psar Dey Houy – map:
  • Date and time: Saturday and Sunday, 9 January 2016 – 31 January 2016 
  • Fee: $300 per participant
  • Participants: A maximum of 10 people
  • Benefits: Free training materials, internet access, and snacks.
  • Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of computer
  • Main software: ArcGIS for Desktop 10.2.2

Name: Mr. LA Veha
Phone: 015 718 466
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