Wildlife Acoustics Scientific Product Grant

Wildlife Acoustics' mission is to support efforts in conservation and environmental stewardship. We want to enable those involved in animal biology, research and conservation to do their best work easily and quickly. To that end, Wildlife Acoustics has established a grant program to support bioacoustics research efforts from chiropteran, avian, terrestrial, amphibious and marine wildlife, to everything else in between.
Every quarter, Wildlife Acoustics will be giving away up to $5,000 of product* to grant recipients worldwide. If they choose to make the results public, recipients will also have their work featured on our website and social media channels.

Grant recipients must be associated with a charitable, educational or other tax-exempt organization**. Consideration will be given to projects that meet the following criteria:
  • Project makes significant use of bioacoustics for data collection and/or analysis.
  • The work advances scientific knowledge and contributes to long-term conservation.
  • The grant award would have significant impact on the success of the project.
  • The grant request provides adequate information to evaluate the project, including detailed expected outcomes and use of bioacoustics data to support those outcomes.
  • The project should begin in the year that the application is submitted, or in the following year if the application is submitted in the off-season.
What to expect:
Applications are evaluated quarterly. If you miss a quarterly due date, you are welcome to submit your application for the next quarter. When we receive your application, we'll send you an email receipt that explains what's next.

Should you receive a grant, we'll contact you to confirm shipping details. We ship your products as soon as possible after the award decision. We will pay for all freight fees, however, you will be responsible for any duties and taxes for international shipments.

Looking for more grant support?
If you received a product grant and you later determine that you need more Wildlife Acoustics products, you can apply for an additional grant only after all of the requirements have been met for the previous grant.

Moreinfo: https://www.wildlifeacoustics.com/grant
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