Results in Education for All Children (REACH) Trust Fund

Education is a powerful driver of development and one of the strongest instruments for reducing poverty, raising incomes, promoting economic growth and shared prosperity, and for improving health, gender equality, peace, and stability. With 57 million children not in school today and 250 million more not acquiring basic skills necessary for work and life, ending extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity depend on more and better investments in quality education and learning.

The Results in Education for All Children (REACH) program aims to support efforts toward more and better education services, especially to those most excluded, by helping country systems focus more sharply on results. In line with the World Bank Group’s education sector strategy, REACH will support the Bank’s efforts to build evidence on what works for a systems approach to education reforms and investments, working in complementarity with SABER (the Systems Approach for Better Education Results).

Results-focused modalities are known as results-based financing, performance-based incentives, pay for performance, performance-based contracting, conditional cash transfers, cash on delivery, to name a few. Choosing the incentive mechanism that best fits an intervention in a particular context and obtains the greatest impact is one of the challenges for the World Bank Group and its clients. To help build the evidence base, REACH will fund:
1. Country program grants
2. Knowledge, Learning and Innovation activities

Who will we fund?
All grants will be World Bank-executed, together with public and private partners. REACH for Reading will consider applications from (1) Governments; (2) Non-governmental organizations; (3) Teams within multilateral and bilateral development partners; (4) Academics; (5) Civil Society organizations; and (6) Consortia including one or more of categories 1-5 (preferred).

How will funding be managed?
Activities financed through this call for proposals will vary in scope, scale and duration. The maximum budget for an activity financed through this call for proposals is expected to be $500,000. Duration will be from six months to three years (longitudinal evaluations only). A World Bank Task Team Leader (TTL) must be identified for each proposal selected for financing. For teams applying within the World Bank, the TTL will be responsible for the activity implementation and budget and for delivering the results specified in the proposal. Successful teams from outside the World Bank will be matched with a World Bank TTL.
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