Microbusiness - Training the Trainers


Microbusiness Training the Trainers
17-18 & 19 November 2015

Workshop highlights:
  • Highly participatory
  • Packed with training examples and awareness builders ready to use with your clients
  • Building skills of real entrepreneurs and “by default” self-employed people.
  • Adapted to Cambodia context
  • Wide variety of training programmes, short sessions and 5 minutes awareness builders and ideas to include them in your existing livelihood programmes 
  • Concentric learning: start simple, repeat and add more each time
  • Empowering: your trainers learn business concepts to be able to train your clients and practise training during the workshop – includes a test to identify key learning points that participants have not understood by day 2.
  • Free access to our online training database.
Course objective: 
Participants learn basic knowledge and training methods to help their clients find ideas to generate income and set up/manage a profitable business. After this 3 day workshop, participants have built a training draft on income generation/business for their own clients, practised training and feel confident.

Who should attend?
  • Local and International NGO staff,
  • Social workers,
  • Community workers
  • Micro-credit institutions officers,
  • Educational centres and school teachers.
Course contents
Day 1: build trainers' confidence to train on technical financial /accounting knowledge
  • Business game,
  • How to calculate a profit,
  • Profit and cash: what’s the difference and why it matters,
  • Where do we get the data: book-keeping basics and cash reconciliation,
  • Planning: how to calculate a forecast,
  • Starting a business: business needs assessment,
  • Market and customers: how to find ideas that help the community and are profitable,
  • Adding value: how to turn an idea into a business,
  • Increasing clients’ negotiation and communication skills,
  • Simple business plan for low literate villagers.   
Day 2: how to help our target clients
  • Measuring a project profitability,
  • Practical ways to set prices,
  • Breakeven,
  • How much to start a business and where to find the money?
  • How to live until the business is profitable?
  • Practise sessions: draft training plan and facilitate a selected training activity,
  • Knowledge test.
Day 3: business in context: the impact at community level
  • Helping clients manage failure and success,
  • Profit and risk triggers: how to improve profit/manage risk,
  • Managing relations with family and friends involved in the business,
  • How to nurture and practise business ethics,
  • Business mind-set: is business for all?
  • Responsibility: encouraging entrepreneurs to care for their communities and environment,
  • How to build a business programme and how your organisation can support it.
Trainer’s profile: Sophie Paine (a+b=3- Founder and Managing Director)
Sophie holds a DECF (Qualified Accountant), a Master degree in business studies (Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris), a post-graduate in finance and banking (Paris-Dauphine) and a diploma in Islamic Finance (ETHICA). She has worked in financial management and accounting in international corporations and non-profit organisations for more than 15 years. She has facilitated numerous training workshops around Asia, and in USA and Africa. Since 2005, a+b=3’s programmes have reached more than 20,000 people. Our mission is to help people make better decisions with money to have a more harmonious and healthier life. This workshop will be co-facilitated in Khmer by a VBNK trainer. www.aandbmake3.com 

Our Approach:
participatory, group activities, case studies, training demonstration and practise sessions.

Why you can’t miss this workshop:
  • Boost your business knowledge and gain confidence in facilitating technical points (margin, breakeven, cash /profit, bookkeeping…),
  • Learn how to engage your clients with lively and fun business training workshops,
  • Help your clients find ideas to make a living and impact their families and communities,
  • Support your clients at each step of their business project,
  • Practise facilitating,
Impact your clients’ lives!

Date:          17-18 & 19 November 2015 8:00-17:00 (including a 90 minute lunch break)
Fee:            US$195 (lunch, refreshment, training material and certificate from a+b=3 included)
Venue:        VBNK, #23, Street 554, Boung Kok 1, Toul Kork, PO Box 2307, Phnom Penh
Language:  English and Khmer, Information in Khmer Tel: : 023 885 805, 023 885 815
Deadline for registration: November 1st 2015 Early bird discount: October 17th 2015 ($20 off). Group discount (3 and more participants – please ask us).
Inquiries : info@aandbmake3.com , REGISTER ONLINE

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