HIV Research Trust scholarships

The HIV Research Trust is a charitable foundation that provides financial support to physicians, nurses, scientists and other health care professionals in resource-limited settings from low-income and lower-middle-income countries* working in the field of HIV infection. The Trust supports early/mid career researchers.

The support is in the form of financial awards allowing the scholar to undertake a placement or course of a few months’ duration intended to cover course or placement costs, travel, consumables and living expenses. The scholarships are awarded competitively based on a peer-review process on an annual basis. They are designed to enable the candidate to travel to another research unit to learn skills and techniques which should develop the candidate’s career and, on return to the home institution, add to the capacity of the department to carry out research related to treatment and prevention.

Examples of skills and techniques that may be acquired are; clinical management, clinical trial experience and practice, data and trial management, statistical expertise, acquisition of laboratory techniques and analysis, cell and molecular biology. The HIV Research Trust aims to support a broad mix of disciplines. All aspects of research related to HIV infection and its consequences are eligible including clinical care, basic and applied biology, epidemiology, psychological, ethical, economic, educational and societal aspects.
The HIV Research Trust scholarships are awarded each year in open competition. The scholarships are provided to physicians, nurses, scientists and other health care professionals, in particular those who are in the early to mid-stage of their career (for example, undertaking a PhD; a first or second post doc position; or other professionals in an early phase of their research career), working in resource-poor settings from low-income and lower-middle-income countries . The scholarships enable the individual to travel to other centres to acquire skills necessary to conduct their research more effectively when they return to their home institution.

All areas of research related to HIV are supported including laboratory methods, epidemiology, clinical and therapeutic research and research into psychological, social, nursing and other aspects of daily care of patients.

The scholarships are not awarded for routine clinical training in management of patients. They can, however, be awarded for training in research methodology in taught courses, provided that such training is necessary to develop a defined research programme.

The scholarships provide support for travel, living expenses including accommodation, and may provide support for laboratory expenses at the institution to be visited. The preference is for applicants to receive training in recognised centres in other resource-poor countries but travel to other areas is not excluded. The usual period of support is 2-6 months but exceptionally support for one year may be given. The maximum sum awarded is £8,000 or equivalent value. We expect the budget request to be justified by the programme being presented.

The scholarships are awarded competitively by independent assessment by a scientific panel. You are strongly advised to consult with your supervisor and others in your field of interest before making this application, especially if you have no experience in applying for research grants. 

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