Australian Government’s Direct Aid Program

The Direct Aid Program (DAP) is a flexible small grants program funded by the Australian Government which aims to address humanitarian hardship through funding small-scale community-based development projects. The DAP for southern Vietnam (provinces from Danang to Ca Mau) is managed and disbursed by the Australian Consulate-General in Ho Chi Minh City.

The information below provides some guidance to those considering applying.

Who may apply?
Any organisation may apply for a grant provided the project meets DAP objectives. Organisation could include: non-government organisations (local and international), community organisations, provincial and district People’s Committees, local government departments/agencies as well as other organisations such as hospitals and schools. Individuals are ineligible to apply.

What sorts of projects are considered?
When considering project proposals, the Consulate-General prefers applications involving small grants (up to approximately USD10,000) however, applications for larger grants are also considered. Projects must be clearly defined, stand-alone and have specific outcomes which can be carried out within a defined time frame. All projects must be completed and acquitted by the end of the financial year in which they are funded (30 June 2016 for this year’s program).

Examples of areas where DAP grants may be given include: community health; education; women and girls’ empowerment; small scale infrastructure; sanitation; rural development. In special cases, consideration may be given to contributions to disaster relief operations, activities of cultural significance and sporting equipment for disadvantaged communities.

The recipients of funds should be able to demonstrate commitment to the project and to its sustainability. In community groups, commitment is often best demonstrated by the provision of voluntary labour and resources from the community itself. In terms of sustainability, applications should demonstrate an applicant’s
commitment and ability to sustain their project beyond the period of DAP funding.

Applications must include:
  • Specific criteria used by applicants to select the project and its beneficiaries;
  • Clearly detailed expected developmental impact (for example in terms of promoting community development, education, health, gender equality (including the role of women), disadvantaged groups, and environmental sustainability)
  • A clear and thorough cost analysis which accurately reflects the costs associated with the project and clearly identifies the component/s DAP funding is requested for;
  • Two quotes for each major cost component of the project (if in doubt about what constitutes major cost component of your proposed project, please contact the Consulate-General);
  • Photographs of existing facilities/equipment, where relevant;
  • For construction projects only, design or layout details.

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