Requests for Proposals-e-ASIA Joint Research Program

The e-ASIA Joint Research Programme (JRP) and the Health Research Council of New Zealand are seeking applications for funding through the e-ASIA JRP. Refer to the following website for more detail:

The e-ASIA JRP initiates and supports multilateral joint-research programmes in the East Asian region, and aims to develop a vibrant and collaborative research community in science and technology; promote innovation in the East Asian region; and contribute to the region’s economic development. New Zealand, via the HRC, is a member of the program. Other members of the e-ASIA JRP include: Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Russia, USA, and Vietnam.

This call requests researchers to focus on one of the following health research areas: infectious diseases or cancer research. To be eligible, New Zealand researchers must be involved in a collaboration and involve the participation of at least two other e-ASIA members.

The HRC has $450,000 over three years available for allocation to one research project.

It is acceptable for the proposed research to be an ‘add on’ to an existing collaborative activity or a new research project.

Applicants should read the application guidelines before preparing an application including the specific requirements of funding agencies in partner countries. This is a two stage process, applicants are be required to submit their pre-applications to the HRC for forwarding to the e-ASIA secretariat. Email your application to:

If applications are successful in the first stage, then full applications should be prepared, utilising the application form prepared by e-ASIA secretariat, and submitted to the HRC for forwarding to the e-ASIA secretariat.

Applicants should note that both pre-applications and full applications (if applicants are successful in the first stage), will be assessed independently by the HRC and by the agencies in the international collaborators countries.

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