Robert Carr civil society Networks Fund

The Robert Carr civil society Networks Fund (RCNF) is pleased to announce the third open Request for Proposals (RfP). Global and regional networks and consortia that meet the definitions and criteria set by this RfP, are invited to apply for a grant to support core-funding and/or programmatic needs of the network for up to three years (2016-2018).

The request for proposals (RfP) is open to global and regional networks, as well as consortia that meet the definitions and criteria set by this RfP. Applicants can submit proposals for up to three years of funding. For the first year (2016), a work plan, budget and cash flow statement is required. The work plans, budgets and liquidity prognoses for subsequent years will have to be submitted in subsequent years.

The RCNF prioritizes applications by consortia and global networks. Furthermore, applications by networks that have a proven track record in working towards RCNF outcomes are prioritized. New and emerging networks can be recommended for funding to the extent that they fill a gap in the global HIV response. Preferably, new and emerging networks will submit an application in a consortium with other global and/or regional networks with a proven track record.

Current grantees are prioritized based on proven track record of success in achieving outcomes from previous RCNF grant awards. Progress and success need to be described in the application. For all applicants, a description on how inadequately served populations are involved in the governance structure and in programming will be required.

Applications will be reviewed competitively, according to the definitions and funding priorities set by this RFP. However, current RCNF grantees will be prioritized over proposals with the same focus of comparable quality.
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